About Us

HospitalityPro Limited is the leading hospitality solutions and systems provider in West Africa, providing a powerful technology and services yet flexible combination of applications, suitable to the hospitality industry.
Our services are designed to complement the strategy of our clients and are tailored to meet specific and measurable needs. Our specially skilled and well-mannered staff can handle whatsoever tasks they will find. We also have the resources and the expertise to provide the complete answer to all your hospitality needs within the response time provided. If you require using all of our services or just one, you can be assured that they will be excellent, efficient and effective.

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Why HospitalityPro ?

We pride ourselves in quality service ; however, we achieve this always, not only because of the quality of products that we offer, but also our service. We have culture, and unbeatable reputation for service delivery, with 100% guarantee. Below is how we do it.!

Customer Focused 24X7 Operations

We recognize the importance of providing you with an expert local team to look after your technology. You have in us, a partner who understands your company, culture and objectives, and always put your best interests first by providing you with a consistently excellent service. Our group of highly experienced resources are available 24x7, providing you with reliable coverage throughout the Nigeria and beyond.
We are on a mission to exceed your expectations and also always go the extra mile to make sure you are happy, with our team taking pride in always being incredibly friendly and approachable. We ensure that we communicate clearly and often, treating you with respect, openness and honesty at all times. All this helps us consistently average an industry leading 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of helping hospitality outlet owners overcome their business challenges. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate and quickly adapt to changing situations, improvising where and when necessary to overcome challenges.
Our team are geared to be incredibly flexible, with capacity built into our service delivery model for people with the right skill sets to respond quickly to and overcome your issues. We know what it takes to exceed your expectations and we give ourselves every opportunity to do that.

Vendor Neutral

We pride ourselves on being genuinely vendor-neutral. We are not there to meet vendor quotas or provide you with less than optimal solutions for your needs. Instead, we will work with your existing technology stack or we will advise you on the most appropriate technology for your needs.
We can source your technology for you at cost, or tell you where you can get the best price to source it yourself. Whatever technology you have invested in, we have the experienced engineers needed to support you.

Focused on Quality

Because we are thinking only of the customer’s interest, we only recruit the best resources with hospitality skills and trainings. Then we put them through our rigorous industry specific trainings and programs. With their advanced knowledge, our enhanced tools and their ability to act, our resources are able to sort out your issues quickly, often on first contact.
You won't dread calling our service desk because you know you will be talking to someone who is empowered to help, who will take ownership of and who will resolve your issues. You benefit by getting access to a stable group of incredibly knowledgeable, highly skilled people who are passionate about what they do and to whom a focus on quality is a given.

Fully accountable

There is nothing worse than working with an organisation that shies away from responsibility or points fingers at others when things go wrong.
We take full responsibility for our performance, our decisions and our actions and we are completely transparent in everything that we do.